Keychain Weapons is your self-protection, self-defense, keychain website. We offer affordable keychain weapons that could possibly save your life. Nowadays more crime seems to be appearing closer to our own homes. Having the ability to protect yourself is a right that you should exercise. Whether jogging, walking at night, or just driving in your car, a keychain weapon offers a little extra peace of mind. Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent which causes immediate closing of the eyes (temporarily blinding the assailant) difficulty breathing, runny nose, and coughing.Pepper sprays' effectiveness depends on the strength of the spray & amount applied. Most pepper spray will disable the assailant for around thirty to forty-five minutes.
Keychain weapons vary in purpose from key chain mace, sirens, and pepper spray, even high voltage taser’s. Regardless of the keychain type they offer an unfair advantage over any would be attacker.
Each type of keychain weapon suites a certain type of person. I myself am partial to something that allows me to keep a distance from any attacker. So my personal choice is pepper spray. Pepper spray keychains or mace offer the distance factor I appreciate. Some however are more comfortable with an actual metal or wood striking object known as a kuboton. This is extremely useful if attacked from behind or at close range. Regardless of intended purpose, something is better than nothing.
One of the best ways to protect our self is with a good self-defense key chain. These affordable keychain weapons fit securely on our keychains, backpacks, or jackets, allowing us a sense of security in case of emergency.

A Taser / Stun Gun is an electroshock weapon that uses electrical current to disrupt voluntary control of muscle, someone struck by a Taser will experience neuro-muscular incapacitation, which means that it interrupts the ability of the brain to control the muscles in the body. This creates an immediate and unavoidable incapacitation that is not based on pain and cannot be overcome. Once the electricity stops flowing the subject immediately regains control of his body. Most would be attackers after being shot once by a taser or stun gun will comply with most verbal commands to avoid being shot a second time with the taser. Tasers also provide a safety benefit to police officers as they have a greater deployment range than batons, pepper spray or empty hand techniques allowing police to maintain a safe distance.


Females age 19-52 purchase a majority of self-defense keychains. However men of all ages have recently started carrying keychain weapons. Which only makes sense to those who work odd hours, or in high crime areas. A cell phone is always a good friend to have with you as well. But a cell phone wont stop a would be attacker from attacking. But believe me, a shot of pepper spray can bring the largest attacker to his knees. Protect yourself today with a KeyChain Weapon.

Hand held self-defense devices can range from an oridinary set of keys, to a fabricated instrument of destruction. Some of the most popular keychain weapons are kubotons, brass knuckles, steel cylinders, etc..